Figuring out the best resturants in Phnom Penh

Why You Shouldn't Eat Late

man and woman

one of the most important reasons that you should stop eating late at night because you will face a high risk of gaining weight.

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Why Should Eat Dinner With Family


Build family bone: When you take your time eating dinner with family, you can discuss all matters that happen in the family.

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Best ways to find fantastic restaurants in Phnom Penh


Best ways to find fantastic restaurants in Phnom Penh


What should you do when you want to find good restaurants in Phnom Penh? Usually, people always go to restaurants that they used to go and eat at the same places every weekend because they are afraid that other restaurants are not qualified like their old restaurants. However, there are many ways that people can go and enjoy new fantastic restaurants in Phnom Penh every weekend if they know all theses method below:

Search on Jongnham website:


if you have no idea what or where to search when you are craving for food, you can type this website to find your favourite foods that are listed down in this website. This website is very helpful for you to find great restaurants with special price and great services. You can trust this website since all the foods that are included in this website are tasted already and the foods are all delicious that you should try with your family or your friends. More importantly, all the prices and location of each restaurant are mentioned clearly and it makes you so easy to decide which restaurants should you go. Just a single click will lead you to many great restaurants in Phnom Penh that you never think of.

Use trip advisor:


it is one of the international website for you to search about foods, hotels, honeymoon places, best restaurants, places for vacations, ancient places around the worlds and etc. One of the famous things that people search on this website is about food or marvelous restaurants that they can go. Restaurants in Phnom Penh are also searched a lot by most people around the world and if you lack of ideas of where to go , you can go to this website and it will show you everything in details. So you do not need to worry that you will not have new place to eat because trip advisor can solve all this problem for you.

Ask people for recommendations:


Asking for recommendations or suggestions from food lovers that you know is the best to find great restaurants since they know clearly what and where to eat. You can tell them what kind of foods that you like so it is easier for them to tell you the right places that you should go. Another thing that you can do is to follow your friends on Instagram since people usually like posting food on their new feeds and you can ask them for locations of the restaurants if you are interested in that food.

Take a risk:


sometimes you need to give it a try first if you want to know which restaurants in Phnom Penh are good to eat. Just travelling around the city and you can observe the restaurants in Phnom Penh that you see along the way. Taking risk to go to restaurants that you never know is the best experience since you do not know what kind of foods that restaurants have or how are the services in those restaurants. If you encounter the bad restaurants with poor quality , you can take it as experience to be careful next time. However, sometimes you will surprise with the new restaurants in Phnom Penh that you go because some restaurants are so perfect and the food are so tasteful that you will go again

Why You Should Eat Alone


Did you used to experience to eat alone at restaurants? If so how did you feel? Some people find it is a weird thing to go out and eat alone

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