Why You Shouldn't Eat Late|Figuring out the best resturants in Phnom Penh

Figuring out the best resturants in Phnom Penh

Why You Shouldn't Eat Late

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Reasons that you should quit eating late at night


What time do you usually have dinner? Some people they are so busy with their works and they have a habit of eating late at night. However, truthfully it is a bad habit that you should quit if you are one of the person who always eat late at night. It is not only damage your health but it also affects your life in a bad way. Here are 4 reasons to avoid eating late at night:

Gaining weight:


one of the most important reasons that you should stop eating late at night because you will face a high risk of gaining weight.You might wonder what is the connection between gaining weight and eating late at night.It is sure has a strong link together since after you finish your eating late at night , you will not do any others activities beside going to sleep. When you eat lunch or breakfast, you body will be active for the whole day and the foods that are inside your metabolism in your body will function effectively during the day but not at night. If you do not want to gain weight , you should eat early and after you eat you can do some small exercises to make your metabolism works and to make your food digest well.

Affect sleeping habits:


your sleep cycle will be fluctuated if you keep eating late at night since the food will affect your body. Have you ever noticed what happened after you finished eating late at night? After you finish eating late at night, you will fall asleep immediately and you cannot open your eyes because you eat too much. You will not face a problem of not only falling asleep early, but you will also wake up in the middle of the night with no reasons. So if you want to have a good sleep at night , you should avoid eating late at night.

Losing concentration:

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eating late at night makes you losing your concentration. You cannot focus on your work or your study if you are so full with food and you need to rest in order for the food to break down in your body. While you are resting , sometimes you will fall asleep without knowing yourself. You will face a high chance of missing your assignment or homework if you are eating late at night.



the high risk of eating too much cause from eating late night because you wait too long to eat dinner at night. People will feel starving since they work or study full day and when it is dinner time, they overeat because they want to fulfill their energy. If you do not want to eat too much at night, try to fix your schedule to eat dinner early as soon as possible.